Why Ring Artisan and not a physical jewellery retail store?

Personal one-on-one experience

There is very little that can compete with the experience of working one-on-one with someone. Large jewellery chain stores and companies have innumerable employees. When shopping for special diamond jewellery at these stores, you don’t know if you’re interacting with an employee who started yesterday or who is leaving tomorrow. The salesperson may have no jewellery experience, very little knowledge of diamonds and their value and may dislike their job and their employer. Employees at these stores may only be there for the salary, and are likely to have no passion or interest in diamonds and the product that they are selling. Thus, they may not offer the best possible advice and their suggestions and guidance may be uninformed.

Knowledge, relationship and guidance

When dealing with a private/unfranchised brand such as Ring Artisan, you are guaranteed a one-on-one experience with the owner of the private brand, such as myself. I stand firmly behind my brand, as it is my business and absolute passion. Thus, I realize that you, the customer, is the most important aspect of my brand. Without my valued customers, Ring Artisan will seize to exist. If a large chain store, lost a few sales every month, they wouldn’t notice it. You can be assured that I will do everything in my power in order to offer you the best I possibly can. I don’t work for a set salary, so if I don’t put in the necessary effort to carry my clients on my hands, my business will be unsuccessful. Unlike a shop employee who earns a set salary every month, whether they make 100 sales or no sales at all.
You and I will build a personal relationship, in which I will come to understand your needs, compared to a chain store where you will be lost in the system. With Ring Artisan, you will be able to build a portfolio and deal with me every single time you would like to purchase an item or have an item custom made. At a chain store, more often than not, you will be dealing with a different sales representative, who doesn’t know you personally nor your needs nor your style and taste. Ring Artisan offers a personal and private experience that cannot be met by any other chain retailer. I have access to large inventories of diamonds, which I fully utilize in order to source the perfect diamond to your desire and budget. In a chain store, you are left with the few options that are on the shop floor, where I will search far and wide to ensure that I find the perfect diamond for you. This diamond can be set in ANY design you desire; you don’t have to settle for mass produced options in shop windows. I will offer guidance and advice, as needed, to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Unbeatable prices

The greatest advantage of this online platform is the fact that Ring Artisan doesn’t have large overheads, such as: rent, water, electricity and staff, like other retail stores. Everything is personally handled by yours truly. Thus, Ring Artisan is able to offer unbeatable prices; this is probably the biggest reason to buy from a private dealer such as myself. You can either end up saving a huge sum of money (up to 300% compared to other retail stores) or you can optimize your budget for the biggest and highest quality diamond possible with your budget. Ring Artisan promises to always give the best possible prices for our high quality items that we source and produce. Our prices are always up-to-date with the real-time exchange rate and gold prices. I always love to use this example of an engagement ring sale I made last year, where the client obtained a quote of R32 000 (with a “35% store discount”) from a very well-known chain store and I was able to supply this exact ring for R10 000. Two diamonds, with exactly the same specifications on their certificates, are exactly the same. They are identical. It certainly does not make it any “better” or a “higher quality” diamond because it was purchased at one of these well-known chain stores at a very high price. They simply overcharged the customer and made a large sum of money. The customer is robbed with up to 300%, that could’ve rather been spent on a much larger diamond or could’ve been put away for a holiday. Be smart, don’t pay retail.