In August 2019 Ring Artisan vouched to plant 5 Spekboom for every purchase. Thanks to your purchases, this is how much Carbon Dioxide Ring Artisan has been able to sequester to date. This page will be updated at the end of each month.

“It has been found that spekboom can have a net carbon sequester potential between 3.2 t C ha-1 yr-1 (van der Vyver et al., 2013) and 4.2 t C ha-1 yr-1 (Mill & Cowling, 2006).

Spekboom is able to sequester more carbon dioxide per hectare than the Amazon rainforest. It is in fact 10 times more effective in fixing carbon per hectare than any tropical rainforest. (Kirsten, 2019)”

Click on the link below to read further about our Spekboom initiative:

Help Combat Climate Change by Purchasing Jewellery from Ring Artisan