Consumer Policy
Our policies align with the rights set out in the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. Our clients are the reason we thrive, and we pride ourselves in the best customer service we can give. If you feel we are not living up to our ethos, please inform us respectfully and accordingly.

Relating to Sections 17 through 20, our policies are as follows:

Order cancellation:
Our pieces are bespoke. This means they are tailored for each client and not easily sold to another. This means that the deposit we require to secure materials for each order is non-refundable. This deposit amount is only enough to secure materials, and covers our loss should the client wish to cancel their order. This deposit does not cover our labour, our design rates, nor our time.

Delivery of goods:
Our bespoke customer orders receive a detailed CAD design prior to casting. The client confirms that this is as per the specifications given; the order is processed and the item is manufactured. Once complete, the client will receive high resolution images and videos of their item. This gives the client another opportunity to confirm that the order is to the desired specification and for the intended purposes discussed in the design process. At this point in time, the client is liable to pay the balance outstanding on the item ordered.

Returns & Refunds:
Ring Artisan accepts no returns or refunds. Should the client wish to return an item paid for in full, the client can only receive a compensation for the gold scrap value of the item. This is due to the item needing to be refined and cannot be otherwise refurbished for stock due to the bespoke nature of our items.

Pertaining to Sections 55 & 56, our items are of superior quality. Manufacturing flaws are unlikely but can occur, and on this occasion will be addressed and resolved accordingly. The warranties of our items assume appropriate use and care of the items. Manufacturing defects are covered up until six months from delivery of the item. Each query is addressed with necessary microscopic analysis to determine the possibility of manufacturing defects or improper use; the outcome of this analysis will determine the liable party for repair costs.

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