Custom Diamond Engagement Ring Design

Purchasing a custom diamond engagement ring can be one of the most stressful experiences known to man. Not only is the ring that you are going to purchase and propose with going to be on your loved one’s finger for the rest of her life, but ladies also like to think that their engagement ring says something about them and men like to show-off a little as a taste of their ability to provide for their future family. No pressure.

Custom diamond engagement ring options are endless. It’s definitely not an easy choice to pick a ring design for your future fiancé, but we want to help you make it easy. Since we’re able to custom make anything, we are able to combine several designs into one to create the perfect ring for your future wifey, especially if she likes something unique.

Here are a few pointers on how to choose or create the perfect engagement ring design for your future wifey:

Have an insider: ask one of her bff’s to chat to her about what ring designs she likes; she won’t suspect a thing. Ladies talk about rings all the time and there’s a very good chance that her bff might already know exactly what she wants.

Pop into a jewellery store ‘to look at watches’: she will quickly pull you towards all the diamonds and give herself away immediately. This is also a good tactic to get her to try on a few rings and thereby not only determine her style but also her ring size and it will all seem like it was her idea. Just don’t seem TOO eager.

Comment on other friend’s engagement rings: say something like, ‘you know, Bob really went all out on Sally’s ring’ and she will reply with something like ‘oh no, it’s not my taste’ or ‘oh yes, it’s stunning isn’t it?’ – then ask what she likes/dislikes about it.

Scroll through her screenshots on her phone: this isn’t a favourite, because it can be slightly invasive, but you will definitely find screenshots of rings she’s been collecting as ideas for her future engagement ring.  You can also view our gallery and / or online shop.

Use the available resources: all women have a Pinterest account. Create an account with an incognito name and have a look at what boards she’s created. There will almost definitely be a ring board. You’ve struck gold (excuse the pun).  You could also browse our Instagram and see how she reacts to the styles.

Take note of the jewellery that she wears: this will give a direct indication of what her style is and we will be able to advise what kind of ring design or style she will like. Other items in her wardrobe will also reveal some of her character, like, if she likes genuine leather shoes or handbags, or if she wears expensive perfume or makeup, we know that she has an eye for quality and luxury, etc.

Ask her: some ladies aren’t phased by surprises and would rather prefer to be assured that she will be getting exactly what she’s been dreaming of her entire life.

If you use the above pointers and pay a little bit more attention to detail, it can be very easy to hack into your future wifey’s mind and determine exactly what she wants her engagement ring to look like. Happy 007-ing 😉