Welcome to your one-stop shop for bespoke jewellery in South Africa. We offer affordable, high quality bespoke design jewellery, and beautiful fine jewellery pieces on our online shop. Here, you have the freedom to create jewellery to your desire and your budget. We offer natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, moissanite and any gemstone you can dream of. We believe that it is important to educate our customers on the product, therefore we created a section just for you.  This will enable you to understand natural diamonds and their pricing better, therefore, empower you to shop with insight and confidence.

Did you know? Ring Artisan plants 5 Spekboom for every purchase! Yes, that’s right, when you purchase from RA you help us save the planet. Read more about it here.


The Founder

Charen is the Owner and Founder of Ring Artisan, a South African based jewellery brand pioneering in on-trend jewellery design. Ring Artisan has transformed the bridal jewellery game in South Africa by specifically serving the Millennial and Gen Z group. RA is a leader in design, diamond, moissanite and gemstone engagement rings, wedding bands and other fine jewellery.

Our Sales Assistant

Nadine is a valued member of the Ring Artisan team and is an integral part in assuring that our clients receive impeccable client service. Nadine is the one who attends to all of your queries and is the warm voice behind our emails, calls and WhatsApps.

Our Social Media Assistant

Chené assists in creating beautiful content for our social platforms. You'll find her doing the most to get those ring shots! She coordinates our photoshoots and social events.

Why we love what we do

We do it for the beaming smiles when couples are presented with their stone options, the excitement and shaky hands when the ring is handed over to the groom-to-be, the dreams that come true and the love that encapsulates the entire process. It is our greatest honour and deepest passion to serve young couples with the ring of their dreams, without settling for something in a shop window, without them being refused of their ideas and without breaking the bank. We always accommodate the client’s needs as far as possible to ensure that the end product is exactly what they had in mind and more. At Ring Artisan we are eminently focused on delivering the highest quality jewellery and ensuring that our service is always remarkable and seamless. Our greatest goal is to ensure that you will BE FOREVER OBSESSED.
Braam & Katinka Weyers. Photographed by: The Geldenhuyses